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Description of our Services:
  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Leadership Communications
  • Marketing Communications
  • Media Communications
  • Issue and Agenda Management
  • Event Management
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Communications related to Social Responsibility
  • Intra-organisational Communications
  • Corporate Credibility Management
  • Public Offerings Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Surveys and Reporting

    Brand Management
    Essance–Istanbul acts to promote consumer brand loyalty by ensuring that messages delivered to consumers concerning the process of corporate, service or product branding are correctly perceived. Aware of the powerful effect that communication tools, delivered messages, the tone of a message and promotion privileges can have on consumers, Essance Istanbul provides a specialist’s perspective in guiding organisations through the process of brand creation.

    Essance Istanbul differentiates brands from competitors, aiming to create and maintain customer loyalty by using the best communications strategies to ensure that your organisation’s products and services become preferred brands.

    Marketing Communications
    While aligning organisations, and their goods and services with the needs of target consumers, Essance Istanbul also develops strategies designed to support marketing and the creation of new markets.

  • Identifying the target consumers and determining tools to reach this target
  • Creating a promotion strategy to address new target consumers
  • Meetings, seminars, congresses and motivational gatherings
  • Marketing and sales campaigns
  • Direct marketing activities
  • Organising branding events, printed materials

    Corporate Credibility Management
    A corporation’s credibility is established as a function of its own inner dynamics and the products and services it provides. Apart from this, brand management, corporate culture, social concepts and the corporation’s capital adequacy also play a role in fostering corporate credibility. Essance Istanbul considers credibility management the core of communications and contributes to the management and development of corporate credibility. Credibility management is considered central to all communications activities, the element on which all efforts and communications targets are based.

    Leadership Communications
    By spokesperson within the perception of a target audience or group of social stakeholders so as to enhance the enterprise with added communications value, Essance Istanbul provides guidance in preserving individual and corporate values in the management of communication processes, in acting with sensitivity in the treatment of issues that interest the public, in planning communications accordingly and in ensuring the integrated execution of communication processes.

    Media Communications
    Media Communications is among the major tools of communication through which Essance Istanbul provides consultancy services, working with a team of experts who adhere to codes of ethics, developing strategies that reflect an approach of looking at events not only through the customer’s eye but from the perspective of the media. In its dedication to the principles that govern quality, speed, trust and integrity, it is Essance Istanbul’s job to become closely acquainted with the media and its different channels and to carefully monitor current events and economic, political and social issues in the country. Essance Istanbul guides enterprises in this context and sets out appropriate strategies. The main goal of the organisation is to make sure that information about goods and services reach target audiences promptly, with the right message and through the right channel of communication.

  • Establishing a media relations strategy specific to the organisation and its services and creating and implementing media programmes in light of this strategy
  • Creating periodic media action plans for media communications
  • Developing suggestions for company- and brand-centered special news and interview topics, making sure that these issues are treated in the right channels
  • Preparing news texts in the form of press releases, press invitations and special news story texts
  • Preparing a review report on media relations

    Issue and Agenda Management
    Essance Istanbul’s first priority in providing enterprises with communications consultancy services is the close monitoring of current events in the world and in the country. Essance Communications’ responsibility includes achieving maximum accuracy in media communications regarding the goods and services of enterprises served, achieving awareness of current events and ensuring that news content is based on an evaluation and coverage of current events, the goal being to direct the right topic to the right publication or broadcast with the right message.

    Surveys and Reporting
    Essance Istanbul carries out periodic surveys of media activities and reports the results to the organisations it serves. Essance Istanbul establishes which messages have reached target audiences and to what degree, setting out a road map for the next period based on the results of the reports, also updating the strategies needed to achieve desired goals.

    Event Management
    Essance Istanbul supports organisations by devising creative projects designed to meet their needs, planning each step of the project with care, working toward the goal of achieving excellence. During the project process, Essance Istanbul takes determined steps to attain a rapid and clear flow of information, both within its own organisation and within the enterprise it is serving, accepting that success in event management is the product of effective coordination.

    Events may be designed on the spot in line with corporate interest or may be included as a part of the communications strategies that are to be determined. Planning and implementing events according to communications targets is an important step in the “strategic communications plan.”

  • Customer relations and consulting
  • Campaigns to promote brand awareness and marketing power
  • Organisational and logistic services
  • Selection of third parties and coordination
  • Production, implementation and other services
  • Sponsorship suggestions and management
  • Direct marketing, planning and applications
  • Award ceremonies, openings

    Communications related to Social Responsibility
    Essance Istanbul believes that consumer loyalty and trust and respect for an organisation are strongly impacted by the degree of social responsibility exhibited by the organisation. Corporations that act in the awareness of the country’s social issues find their rightful and respected places in the public perception. Essance Istanbul provides such organisations with sensitive and meticulous guidance. Among Essance Istanbul’s tasks in this context are to ensure the development of valuable relations with an enterprise’s social stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, government authorities and NGOs, to set out a coherent plan for the management of corporate credibility, and to create and implement impact-producing projects.

    Intra-organisational Communication
    Adhering to the principle of establishing a corporate culture, Essance Istanbul devises and carries out projects for employees such as motivational and educational meetings. Ensuring that employees adopt their organisation’s mission, vision, corporate values and strategies and become ambassadors of the company is achieved through intra-organisational communications. Intra-organisational communications is a tool that is used to increase employee dedication and participation in business results through the development and implementation of communications strategies that are in line with the organisation’s targets.

    Crisis Management
    Effective crisis management ensures readiness for possible crisis situations which may have the potential of harming the organisation’s prestige and its communications with social stakeholders.

  • Determining potential crisis topics, policies to be followed in the event of a crisis and creating a crisis management strategy
  • Determining the extent of damage caused by a crisis and the extent to which different areas of activity have been affected
  • Determining media strategies and executing press relations

    Sponsorship Management
    Guiding organisations in sponsorship activities that will be effective in creating correct perceptions of goods and services in line with the goals of the enterprise; ensuring the most effective and accurate implementation of the budget to foster the achievement of the targeted impact.

    Public Offerings Communications
    Essance Communications provides support and guidance in creating added value in public offering projects, based on its solid experience in the finance sector. Setting out a strategic road map for public offering processes, an important aspect of corporate communications, Essance launches projects that provide the most accurate messages through the most appropriate channels.